Exploring Mukwonago Community Library

It happened again. I fell in love in 15 minutes. Yes, I’m talking about another library. This time, it was the Mukwonago Community Library. It was on the way home from the National Snow Sculpting Competition at Lake Geneva, and I was looking online for some additional event I could attend to make the most of my time out of the house.

Take that, Polar Vortex.

A search online and among Facebook Events revealed Mukwonago Community Library was holding a Groundhog Day event. Technically the event was already over and technically the library would close 15 minutes after Google Maps predicted I would arrive. My husband was less-than-thrilled of the last minute change in plans, but he humored me because he knows how much I love libraries. In my eyes, visiting the Mukwonago Community Library, even just for 15 minutes, was worth the trip!

Mukwonago’s library won me over pretty quickly for a number of reasons. First of all, they had groundhog day jokes posted in the children’s section. Not just any jokes, my favorite kind of jokes – the really bad, punny, cheesy, “Dad Jokes”. They probably would have won me over with that alone, but I’ve seen other libraries in Waukesha County do this, too.

I thought it was a great idea to have giant signs to label the different areas of the library. No more walking up and down the aisles reading the paper labels on the ends of the bookshelves. From the center of the library, you can look around and easily see where the books you’re searching for can be found.

Another great aspect of this library is how kid-friendly it seems. There are puzzles and games built right into the bookshelf! Even if there were no books there, your child could play with the shelf itself. How great is that?

I also like how there’s a big space where I could one day sit on the ground and play or read with my little one. There’s a big rug with fish next to the real fish in the fish tank. When my little one learns to crawl, I would love to see him explore this place.

I was only at the library for 15 minutes but I am determined to return when I have time to spend at least 2 hours. Quite frankly, I could easily see myself spending 3 hours here.

Have you been to the Mukwonago Community Library? What is your favorite library?


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