That First Spring Day After a Tough Winter

I never posted this because I ran out of time. I wanted to post it now because this was right before Social Distancing. Oh, how excited I was to be able to leave my house!

I’m not going to lie, this winter was hard for me. I don’t feel like the weather was that terrible, but I think being pregnant throughout winter and having a toddler made it very difficult to get outside enough. As a result, I felt Cabin Fever and got frustrated more days than I have my past two winters here in Wisconsin. But alas, today was the first warm spring day after a long winter. I am writing this full of happiness at the end of a glorious family outing at the park.

When I moved to Wisconsin from Southern California I was concerned about how I would be able to handle the winters. My first winter here, the weather was no obstacle. I would bundle up in layers, put Vaseline on my face to keep it from stinging, and take my bulldog outside. She seemed to enjoy the cold temperatures which is surprising for a short-haired dog. But she loved the snow and thus it made me enjoy those otherwise brutally cold days.

My son was born in August, so truth be told I don’t really remember much of my second winter here. It’s all a blur due to sleep deprivation. But this winter my son is about a year old, which is old enough to express interest in going outside, but not old enough to make getting the boots and the mittens and the jackets on any easier. In fact I found I spent more time getting him bundled up to go outside than the time we actually spent outside. That was frustrating, and added to my sense of Cabin Fever.

But here we are, the first sunny day with temperatures at least 50° Fahrenheit. This is not one of those days where the weather teases me by being simultaneously sunny and uncomfortably cold outside. And what a glorious day it has been.