Snow Days and Meeting the Sled Dogs

I remember a few “Snow Day” events as a kid in So Cal – there’d be a designated location where snow magically appears to form a small hill for kids to try sledding. It was a novelty thing, like those portable ice skating rinks. Fortunately for everyone, the “Snow Day” at the Milwaukee Public Museum involved no real snow of any kind (that would come later – see “Snowpocalypse January 2019” post). Instead of spending a day dealing with the snow, I got to spend a day dealing loves and pets to over 10 different doggies!
For the Milwaukee Public Museum Snow Day, attendees got to meet the Door County sled dog team. I was surprised they weren’t all Huskies. That’s what I’d come to expect thanks to movies like “Iron Will” or “8 Below” but there were other types of dogs on the team too.

According to the Door County Sled Dog site:

” Our dogs are a “recreational mid-distance” team that participates in races for charity and many special community events. The Huskies are also indoor pets who love people, and educating others about leadership and teamwork! “

When I first arrived at the museum I was a bit concerned by the long line of people. I had just entered the museum from the museum parking garage when I saw the end of this line. This line was long by So Cal standards, meaning at least 100 people.

Fortunately the line disappeared within 30 minutes of the dogs arriving! The way the line snaked across the main entrance of the lobby, there were too many people for me to get a good view of the dogs as they did their little parade off their adorable bus into the designated museum room. But after they were in the room, the line started moving quickly. Plus, I can be very patient when waiting means I get to pet a doggie, or ten.
If I pose for the photo then I get the treats…
My mom has had a husky for the last 8 years, and they’re not uncommon in so Cal. Nonetheless, this was my first time seeing dogs that are part of a real sled team. The doggies were all so well behaved and so cute! I stayed until the very end soaking in the cuteness. What a fun event!
That is the face of a little boy who is confused this doggie does not look like his doggie at home…

Learn More about these doggies:

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