Do you remember your first snow?

Since I moved to Wisconsin, I have been enjoying the vibrant colors of Fall and awaiting, with eager anticipation, my first snow. There have been mornings I’ve awoken to find the grass covered in a light frost that melts before noon. There was one time it was “dusting” snow, but I was told that doesn’t count.

As it turns out, Wisconsin was waiting for me to leave the state to snow.

missing my first snow

But thanks to cell phone technology, I was able to see Gjalla bear’s first playtime in the snow:

What was your first snow like?


One comment

  1. It was ironic timing&C was disaaappointed that u missed it as u were so looking forward to it – it was pretty but it will come again soon enough 🙂 you’ll be snowshoeing b4 u know it


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