Thoughts on a Tuesday night

I was outside sitting in the grass when a weird thought hit me. “Where are all the mosquitoes?” I remember feeling like I couldn’t go outside for more than 10 minutes this time last year because the mosquitoes were so bad. Then another thought hit me, comparing the mosquito attacks year to year seems like a very Midwestern train of thought.

Growing up in Southern California, I remember coming home from Girl Scout Camp with bug bites in the hindreds. But aside from camping excursions, the only bugs I had to deal with on a regular basis were ants, Daddy Long Legs spider, ants, cockroaches, the occasional pincher bug,…and did I mention ants. Moreover the bug population didn’t vary season to season because So Cal seasons are pretty much indistinguishable.

I do enjoy living in Wisconsin for how it gives me weather to help mark the passage of time. The seasons help bookmark certain memories [summer = memories of lakes, winter = building snow mazes for Gjalla].

I also observe with a smile how easy it is for weather to be the go-to small talk. In So Cal, your conversations with a stranger would include comparing your commute to work and complaining about traffic on the 405.

As I sat in the grass, the backyard of my own house, I made a vow (which I’ll probably break next week – come on, this isn’t Harry Potter) to make more time to log these little random thoughts. I’m really good at keeping myself busy but the thought of leaves changing color soon reminds me how quickly time flies. My son is growing so fast and I have so much to show him. I need to make time for that.

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