Use It Or Lose It Sunshine

Heard in Wisconsin in April, “I better cut the grass before it snows.” Wisconsin’s weather is so weird in April and May you could get sunny spring, windy fall, and snowy winter all in the same week.

In Southern California it’s sunny a lot. I mean, I can’t even tell you a month where we don’t have sun because even in the yucky overcast months like June there are plenty of days where it’s nice and sunny and warm. But in Wisconsin because the sun is such a rare treat I get this weird sense of guilt when it’s sunny and I don’t go outside. I feel obligated to go outdoors, even just to stand outside in my yard. To stay inside when it’s sunny feels like a missed opportunity.

On the one hand, I like this rare sunshine because it motivates me to go outdoors and enjoy nature. It has already inspired me to sign up for more park and river cleanups. I also end up taking Gjalla and James to parks that I wouldn’t have otherwise explored without this sense of “Use it or lose it sunshine”.

On the other hand, I feel less motivated to do the work I’m actually supposed to be doing.

Clean up archives of Email food science professors and libraries about speaking opportunities?

Meh, it can wait. I should be outside…

The other fun thing I’ve noticed is everyone seems to do their chores at the same time. Road construction. Landscaping. Beach cleanups. They all happen year-round in Southern California but in Wisconsin these chores have to be done weather-permitting.

Okay Spring. Let’s Do This.

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  1. Yup, Spring is an adjustment transition reinvigorating and sometimes frustrating but one can endure Summer is right around the corner…. Then “too” hot then”too cold but it is home😍


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