Exploring Mitchell Park

Gjalla and I have a new favorite dog park in Waukesha County. I found it by accident because I was looking for an outdoor space to record a science video. Even though it was too windy to record that video, I made the smart decision to go home, fetch Gjalla, and bring her to this park to play.

5 Reasons why Mitchell Park is our new favorite

ONE – There is a massive hill. Look at the pure joy on this face: that’s a new Personal Best for four rolls in a row.


TWO – Parking is free and plentiful.


THREE – This park is HUGE! Much bigger than the dog parks we’re used to in Huntington Beach, Southern California.


FOUR – When it snows, the field is well maintained so you don’t have to worry about twisting ankles in hidden dips

FIVE – There is an official enclosed area for off-leash dog play, but no one seems to mind if dogs play on the hill outside that area

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